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1.1 Welcome to the Hellmouth Buffy moves to a new town, but finds her powers are needed. 10 Mar 97
1.2 The Harvest The Master prepares to rise, and Buffy tries to stop the Harvest 10 Mar 97
1.3 The Witch A witch has been casting spells on the cheerleading team 17 Mar 97
1.4 Teachers Pet Xander falls for Ms. French- a giant praying Mantis 25 Mar 97
1. 5 Never Kill a Boy on the First Date Buffy tries to combine slaying with her social life 31 Mar 97
1.6 The Pack Hyena like creatures posses Xander and some bullies 7 Apr 97
1.7 Angel The Master sends 3 vamps to kill Buffy, & Angel reveals his secret 14 Apr 97
1.8 I Robot- You Jane Willow falls for a guy on the internet who is a demon 28 Apr 97
1.9 The Puppet Show A demon is stealing vital organs from Sunnydale students 5 May 97
1.10 Nightmares A boy makes everyones worst nightmares come true 12 May 97
1.11 Out Of Mind, Out of Sight An invisible girl stalks Cordelia and hurts people around her 19 May 97
1.12 Prophecy Girl Buffy must face a prophecy that could kill her.  2 Jun 97
2.1 When She Was Bad Buffy arrives back- with an attitude. 15 Sep 97
2.2 Some Assembly Required A Frankenstein-like guy terrorizes Cordelia. 22 Sep 97
2.3 School Hard Spike & Dru come to Sunnydale for the 1st time 29 Sep 97
2.4 Inca Mummy Girl An Incan mummy targets Xander- as a date. 6 Oct 97
2.5 Reptile Boy A cult of frat boys worship a huge snake-man. 13 Oct 97
2.6 Halloween Sunnydale citizens turn into their costumes on Halloween 27 Oct 97
2.7 Lie To Me Buffy discovers that Angel and Dru had a weird past. 3 Nov 97
2.8 The Dark Age Giles younger years come back- along with a demon. 10 Nov 97
2.9 Whats My Line (1) Spike sends demon assasins to kill Buffy. 17 Nov 97
2.10 Whats My Line (2) A brand new slayer arrives in Sunnydale. 24 Nov 97
2.11 Ted Joyce's boyfriend  needs an upgrade. 8 Dec 97
2.12 Bad Eggs an episode about... eggs that are bad. 12 Jan 98
2.13 Surprise Dru gathers parts of a deadly demon together. 19 Jan 98
2.14 Innocence Angel loses his soul with disastrous results. 20 Jan 98
2.15 Phases A werewolf terrorizes Sunnydale. 27 Jan 98
2.16 Bewitched, Bothered. Bewildered. Xander uses magic to get Cordelia back. 10 Feb 98
2.17 Passion Angel torments Buffy to the extreme. 24 Feb 98
2.18 Killed By Death Kids in the hospital think they see death. 3 Mar 98
2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You Buffy and Angel relive a murder from the 50's 28 Mar 98
2.20 Go Fish The swimteam turns into fish-like monsters. 5 Apr 98
2.21 Becoming Part 1 Angellus tries to reopen the hellmouth. 12 May 98
2.22 Becoming Part 2 Buffy allies with Spike to destroy Angel. 19 May 98
3.1 Anne Buffy is living in Chicago while a demon preys on homeless teenagers. 29 Sep 98
3.2 Dead Man's Party Buffy tries to make amends with her mom. 6 Oct 98
3.3 Faith, Hope & Trick Buffy meets the new slayer, Faith, and Scott Hope. 13 Oct 98
3.4 Beuty and the Beasts When ripped up bodies are found around Sunnydale, the scooby gang suspects Oz. 20 Oct 98
3.5 Homecoming Cordy and Buffy compete for Homecoming Queen. 3 Nov 98
3.6 Band Candy Ethan Rayne makes adults act like teenagers. 10 Nov 98
3.7 Revalations Now that Angel is back, there's a big controversy. 17 Nov 98
3.8 Lover's Walk Spike returns to Sunnydale a love torn man. 24 Nov 98
3.9 The Wish Cordelia wishes that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale. 8 Dec 98
3.10 Amends A Buffy Christmas-- nuff said. 15 Dec 98
3.11 Gingerbread The Hellmouth's version of Hansel & Gretel 12 Jan 99
3.12 Helpless Buffy mestiriously looses her slaying ability. 19 Jan 99
3.13 The Zeppo Xander makes an attempt to be cool. 26 Jan 99
3.14 Bad Girls Faith convinces Buffy to be a bad ass... 9 Feb 99
3.15 Consequences And they face the consequences. 16 Feb 99
3.16 Dopplegangland A vampire Willow from a diffrent universe lands in Sunnydale. 23 Feb 99
3.17 Enemies Buffy realises Faith is insane. 16 Mar 99
3.18 Earshot Buffy develops the ability to read minds after accidentally coming into contact with a telepathic demon 21 Sep 99
3.19 Choices Buffy gets a key part of the mayor's ascension but he gets Willow. 4 May 99
3.20 The Prom Buffy and Angel break up. 11 May 99
3.21 Graduation Pt. 1 Graduations coming up, as Angel gets hit with a poison arrow. 18 May 99
3.22 Graduation Pt. 2 With Faith out of the picture, Buffy has to figure out how to save Angel and stop the Mayor. 13 Jun 99
4.1 The Freshman Buffy starts college. Vampires exist here too? 5 Oct 99
4.2 Living Conditions Buffy adjusts to having a roommate 12 Oct 99
4.3 The Harsh Light of Day Spike returns for the Gem of Omara 19 Oct 99
4.4 Fear, Itself Halloween episode, worst fear realised 26 Oct 99
4.5 Beer Bad Buffy drowns her sorrow's in Beer 2 Nov 99
4.6 Wild At Heart Oz can't resist a shewolf 9 Nov 99
4.7 The Initiative A look at the combat guys 16 Nov 99
4.8 Pangs An Ancient Native American burial ground is disturbed 23 Nov 99
4.9 Something Blue Willow depressed over Oz leaving casts a spell to have her will done... with disasterous results. 30 Nov 99
4.10 Hush A silence descends on Sunnydale when the residents lose the power of speech. 14 Dec 99
4.11 Doomed Demons try to open the Hellmouth back at Sunnydale high. Buffy sorts out what happens with Riley. 18 Jan 00
4.12 A New Man Ethan Rayne turns Giles into a demon and the only person who can help him is Spike. 25 Jan 00
4.13 The 'I' in Team Buffy's relationship with Riley allows her almost total access to the Initiative. Quicktime Trailer 8 Feb 00
4.14 Goodbye Iowa More about Adam and the Initiative 15 Feb 00
4.15 This Year's Girl Faith (Eliza Dunsku)returns in this episode. 22 Feb 00
4.16 Who Are You? Faith in Buffy's body 29 Feb 00
4.17 Superstar Jonathon has altered the universe so that he is all powerful 4 Apr 00
4.18 Where The Wild Things Are Everyone's hormones to kick into overdrive. 25 Apr 00
4.19 New Moon Rising Willow is stunned when Oz returns to Sunnydale 2 May 00
4.20 The Yoko Factor Angel meets Riley 9 May 00
4.21 Primeval Final battle with Adam 16 May 00
4.22 Restless Coda episode 23 May 00
5.1 Buffy vs. DraculaMPE Buffy falls victim to Dracula's seductive charms. 26 Sep 00
5.2 Real MeMPE Harmny heads up a new vampire gang. 3 Oct 00
5.3 The ReplacementMPE Xander is split into 2. 10 Oct 00
5.4 Out of My MindMPE Riley needs surgery or he'll die. 17 Oct 00
5.5 No Place Like HomeMPE

Buffy's mom falls sick.

24 Oct 00
5.6 FamilyMPE

Tara's family comes to visit.

7 Nov 00
5.7 Fool For LoveMPE We find out the details of how Spike killed 2 slayers. 14 Nov 00
5.8 ShadowMPE Buffy kills snake monster Glory sends to find Dawn. 21 Nov 00
5.9 Listening to FearMPE ET prays on mentally unstable patients. 28 Nov 00
5.10 Into The WoodsMPE Buffy discovers Riley's fun with vampires. 19 Dec 00
5.11 TriangleMPE Willow and Anya fight over Xander. 9 Jan 01
5.12 CheckpointMPE The Council of Watchers visit. 23 Jan 01
5.13 Blood Ties MPE Dawn learns she is the key. 6 Feb 01
5.14 CrushMPE Druscilla returns to sunnydale. 13 Feb 01
5.15 I Was Made to Love YouMPE Robot girl causes havoc. 20 Feb 01
5.16 The BodyMPE Buffy's Mom dies. 27 Feb 01
5.17 ForeverMPE & MPE Angel returns to comfort Buffy.MPE 17 Apr 01
5.18 InterventionMPE Spike builds a Buffy bot. 24 Apr 01
5.19 Tough LoveMPE Tara falls victim to Glory. 1 May 01
5.20 SpiralMPE Scoobies go on the run to escape Glory. 8 May 01
5.21 Weight of The WorldMPE Buffy slips into catatonia after Glory kidnaps Dawn. 15 May 01
5.22 The GiftMPE Another imminent apocalypse is at hand in Sunnydale. 22 May 01
Bargaining, Part 1 & 2 The scoobies cope with Buffy's death and the loss of her formidable fighting skills before bringing her back from the dead. 02 Oct 01
6.3 Afterlife Buffy and her friends are visited by a demon that forces them to deal with the repercussions of Buffy's resurrection. 09 Oct 01
6.4 Flooded As Buffy and Dawn begin dealing with their bad financial situation and flooded basement, the Slayer attempts to apply for a bank loan. 16 Oct 01
6.5 Life Serial Jonathan, Warren and Andrew test Buffy's abilities, and patience, with a secret campaign of harassment. The Slayer struggles to readjust to life in Sunnydale by attending classes with Willow and working with Xander. 22 Oct 01
6.6 All The Way Xander & Anya announce their plan to get married. Dawn sneaks out with a friend. 30 Oct 01
6.7 Once More, With Feeling A mysterious force impels the Scooby Gang to burst into song, revealing their true feelings. Musical episode, with the cast doing their own vocals.
6 Nov 01
6.8 Tabula Rasa Willow does a spell to make her & Tara forget. The spell goes awry and the gang all wake up with amnesia. Tara breaks up with Willow and Giles finally leaving Sunnydale behind forever. 13 Nov 01
6.9 Smashed Spike's chip doesn't work when he hits Buffy. Willow derats Amy. 20 Nov 01
6.10 Wrecked Buffy's tryst with Spike leaves the Slayer shaken to the core; Willow falls victim to a warlock who stimulates her craving for magic 27 Nov 01
6.11 Gone Buffy is mistakenly zapped by an invisibility ray wielded by Jonathan, Warren and Andrew and gets a new hairdo. 08 Jan 02
6.12 Double Meat Palace Buffy takes a job at Doublemeat Palace. Anya's old friend Halfrek pays an unexpected visit and Willow tries her best to stay away from magic. 29 Jan 01
6.13 Dead Things The Slayer's framed for murder by nerdy nemeses Andrew, Warren and Jonathan. 05 Feb 02
6.14 Older and Far Away Buffy's birthday and they can't leave the house. 12 Feb 02
6.15 As You Were Riley returns and he's married. 26 Feb 02
6.16 Hell's Bells Xander & Anya's wedding doesn't go smoothly 05 Mar 02
6.17 Normal Again Buffy finds a mental institution more comforting than her real life. 12 Mar 02
6.18 Entropy

Anya and Spike sleep together and Xander and Buffy happen to witness it.

30 Apr 02
6.19 Seeing Red

Warren shoots Buffy, slightly wounding her, but a stray bullet hits and kills Tara.

07 May 02
6.20 Villians Buffy and Xander try to track down Willow and stop her before she gets to Warren and kills him. Spike visits a powerful evil force in Africa. 14 May 02
Two To Go [1]

Willow faces off against the Scoobs including Giles. Spike gets a soul in Africa

21 May 02
6.22 Grave [2]
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