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01 "Conviction" 1st Oct 03
02 "Just Rewards" 8th Oct 03
03 "Unleashed" 15th Oct 02
04 "Hellbound" 22nd Oct 02
05 "Life Of The Party" 29th Oct 03
06 "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" 5th Nov 03
07 "Lineage" 12th Nov 03
08 "Destiny" 19th Nov 03
09 "Harm's Way" 14th Jan 04
10 "Soul Purpose" 21st Jan 04
11 "Damage" 28th Jan 04
12 "You're Welcome" 4th Feb 04
13 "1943" 11th Feb 04
14 "Smile Time" 18th Feb 04
15 "A Hole in the World" 25th Feb 04
16 "Shells" 3rd Mar 04
17 "Underneath" 14th Apr 04
18 "Origin" 21st Apr 04
19 "The Magic Bullet" 16th April 03
20 "Sacrifice" 23rd April 03
21 "Peace Out" 30th April 03
22 "Home" 7th May 03
Please note episode titles are subject to change
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