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Lessons Buffy battles the ghosts of Sunnydale High's past in a lively seventh-season opener punctuated by droll dialogue. Veteran Slayer-watchers will recall that Buffy's alma mater was razed at the end of the third season during a fight with a snake-demon mayor. Now revamped and restored, the school has a new crop of students, which includes awkward freshman Dawn. It also has a visitor, Buffy, who can't resist a chance to tour the facility. But her curiosity soon turns to dread when spirits from the old school materialize to harass her. Elsewhere, Giles consoles a guilt-ridden Willow. 24 Sept 02
7.2 Beneath You Buffy reluctantly teams with Spike to slug it out with a gigantic worm, but there's a bigger surprise in store for the Slayer. Soon after Buffy reports for her first day as Sunnydale High's student counselor, Xander introduces her to a woman whose dog was eaten by the oversized annelid. Suspecting demon activity, Buffy volunteers to find the creature, and Spike, who's being tormented by an unknown force, shows up to offer his assistance. Willow, meanwhile, prepares to return home. 01 Oct 02
7.3 Same Time Same Place Buffy, Xander and Dawn are unable to find Willow, whose return to Sunnydale is marred by a demon who relishes the skin of his victims. Meanwhile Anya pays the price for undoing the curse on Ronnie (the giant worm demon) and is restricted to only being able to teleport for Vengeance jobs. 08 Oct 02
7.4 Help Buffy is settling in to her counselor's role at the high school helping troubled teens and sorting out problems, but is left speechless when Cassie, a student, comes to her and calmly tells her that she (Cassie) has only a week to live. Suspecting the girl is suicidal, Buffy investigates and discovers a cult of students playing with dark forces and comes to believe Cassie is psychic. 15 Oct 02
7.5 Selfless A wish granted by Anya has devastating consequences in this alternately witty and wrenching tale. Anya's breakup with Xander has driven her to return to her vengeance-demon ways with, well, a vengeance. But that changes after she takes a humiliated coed's desire to make frat boys "feel what it's like to have [their] hearts ripped out" too literally. Horrified by the carnage she has caused, Anya struggles to wash the blood from her hands. Juxtaposed with this Macbeth-like scene is a hilarious flashback detailing Anya's transformation from medieval Swedish housewife to demon. Back in the present, Willow discovers the bodies and alerts Buffy. 22 Oct 02
7.6 Him Lovestruck Dawn pushes to have a charismatic jock made quarterback on Sunnydale High's football team; Xander and Spike become reluctant roommates. 05 Nov 02
7.7 Conversations With Dead People In a jarring episode filled with returning characters, Buffy, Dawn and Willow encounter deceased people from their pasts. While out on patrol, Buffy squares off with a former classmate and current vampire, who goads her into revealing her insecurities. Back at home, Dawn is thrown into a panic when an invisible force trashes the Summers' house and deposits the corpse of her mother on the sofa. Meanwhile, nerdy villains Jonathan and Andrew return from Mexico. 12 Nov 02
7.8 Sleeper As Dawn and Willow recover from their chaotic night at the Summers house, Buffy probes a series of grisly murders that may be the work of Spike. Aimee Mann appears and performs "Pavlov's Bell." Charlotte: Robinne Lee. 19 Nov 02
7.9 Never Leave Me Spike is held captive in the Summers home while the Scoobies ponder their options in the aftermath of his murder spree; a squeamish Andrew tries to master killing; Buffy contacts the Watchers' Council for advice. 26 Nov 02
7.10 Bring On The Night As the Scoobies research the orgins of the First to find a way to rescue Spike, Giles arrives with reinforcements — three apprentice Slayers. Also: Buffy is rattled when her mother offers advice in her dreams. 17 Dec 02
7.11 Showtime With the Slayer line of succession at stake, Buffy prepares for a showdown with the Ubervamp in this pivotal, well-written episode. Skeletal, callous and frighteningly strong, the Ubervamp is among Buffy's deadliest foes. Chief minion of the devilish, shape-shifting First, the demon divides his time between killing potential Slayers and torturing the kidnapped Spike . Determined to protect her apprentices and rescue Spike, Buffy racks her brain for a plan of action while Giles and Anya hope that a visionary creature called Beljoxa's Eye can offer a final solution to the First threat. 07 Jan 03
7.12 Potential Buffy enlists Spike's aid in graphic, intensive training of the Potential Slayers in anticipation of the expected cataclysmic return of The First. Meanwhile, Willow performs a spell that reveals that another unexpected Potential Slayer is living in Sunnydale. 21 Jan 03
7.13 The Killer In Me Willow undergoes a disturbing change in appearance following a night out with Kennedy; Spike is beset by unexplained headaches; Giles takes the Potentials on a mystical retreat. 04 Feb 03
7.14 First Date Buffy goes on a dinner date with Principal Wood. During their conversation, he explains that he is the son of a Slayer that was killed in New York. Anya gets jealous when Xander goes out on a date with someone. His date wants to raise another Turok-Han, using Xander's blood. Willow and Kennedy finally tell the gang that they are an item. Meanwhile, Giles has trouble communicating with a potential slayer named Chao-Ahn, who doesn't speak a word of English. He also wrongly suggests that Buffy's ability to make decisions, is clouded by her love for Spike, when she reveals that the Initiative are taking the chip out of his head. Principal Wood gets a visit from 'The First' in the form of his mother, she tells him that Spike was the one who killed her. 11 Feb 03
7.15 Get It Done Desperate for a way to curtail the First, Buffy embarks on a perilous quest for knowledge while, back at the Summers house, the Scoobies are rocked by tragedy within their ranks. 18 Feb 03
7.16 Storyteller Andrew irritates the Scoobies by filming their activities for a documentary on Buffy as Sunnydale High is rocked by a sudden outbreak of student violence; Xander and Anya reconsider their relationship. 25 Feb 03
7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me The Scoobies' failure to nullify the First's hold on Spike inspires Wood to pursue a vendetta as the vampire relives the day his soul was taken away. 25 Mar 03
7.18 Dirty Girls Renegade slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku) returns to Sunnydale just in time to help Buffy and her gang fight a nefarious new foe. The unusually violent episode opens as a girl flees a group of zombies and takes refuge with a cleric named Caleb (Nathan Fillion). However, it quickly becomes clear that Caleb is not on God's side, but the First's. He asks her to deliver a threatening message to the "original, accept-no-substitutes Slayer"...before stabbing the girl. As the Scoobies respond by preparing for battle, Buffy copes with the return of Faith, who, much to Buffy's chagrin, bonds with Spike. Meanwhile, in a lighter vein, Xander fantasizes about wild times with potential slayers. 22 April 03
7.19 Empty Places As Sunnydale's residents evacuate en masse, Faith rallies the demoralized potentials while an emotionally fragile Buffy endures another run-in with Caleb. 29 April 03
7.20 Touched Faith restores calm to the rattled Potentials after the power goes out in Sunnydale; Buffy confides her insecurities to Spike; the Scoobies interrogate a captured Bringer. 6 May 03
7.21 End Of Days [1] Faith deals with a time bomb and Buffy adds a powerful weapon to her arsenal in the penultimate episode, which sets up the series finale. An inventive script pays homage to King Arthur and Excalibur as Buffy draws a scythe from a stone to combat the icy priest Caleb. Even this murderer of the cloth fears the mystic blade. "I let her go, she slices me open with that thing," he says. The First, Caleb's mentor and the Scoobies' long-time nemesis, says Buffy will be dealt with "when she's got her back turned." The Slayer's back is already turned to the pair---she's busy saving the Potentials from Ubervamps after an explosion incapacitates Faith. 13 May 03
7.22 Chosen [2] Buffy meets her destiny in the series finale when she leads the Scoobies, the Potentials and Angel into the Hellmouth for a final showdown with the First. Joss Whedon, the show's creator, wrote and directed the episode. 20 May 03


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