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Who the &#*@ is Ron?

Ron is a Canadian who was raised on television. This is to say that he grew up watching a lot of it, not that his upbringing was of the Truman Show variety. As a result, he has a great deal of respect for the medium and his head is full of generally pointless but occasionally amusing facts and information. He freely admits to being a long-time Buffy naysayer who just couldn’t be bothered with a WB series about a nasal-voiced cheerleader who fights vampires with her cute pals.

Credit a few of his friends with the transformation, as their constant badgering finally convinced him to sit down and give the series a fair chance. It didn’t take long before he embarked on a quest to see every episode. Immediately. With this mission soon accomplished, he joined the legions of diehards, eagerly awaiting each instalment and relishing the chance to discuss his new favourite show.

The most animated discussions often took place in emails, and somewhere around the middle of Season 6, he began composing lengthy commentaries on the latest episodes, which were then emailed to a group of his friends that are always ready to waste time discussing the goings on of the residents (living, dead, and undead) of Sunnydale.

He has a big crush on Anya, misses Oz’s deadpan humour, and his favourite seasons are 3 and 5 (he’s always willing to defend Glory as an excellent Big Bad). Outside of the Buffyverse, our man likes poker, baseball (the Jays & the Mets), a well-poured pint of Guinness, and he studies the art of comedic improv at Toronto’s Second City.

He’s pleased as punch to be sharing these writings with a larger audience, and to be embarking on the new odyssey of also writing about Angel, as a guest of

You will be able to read Ron's reviews from the main review page at some as yet to be determined time after each episode airs. For a list of the upcoming schedule keep an eye on the Episode List (Buffy - Angel) pages.
You can contact Ron by email:
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