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David Boreanaz Radio Interview
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5th December 2001

DJ: It's David Boreanaz on the phone. He's probably a household name, but I'll go ahead and give the patented plug for him and his show. (laughs) (uses an overdone announcer voice) He plays soulful vampire Angel on the WB every Monday night at 9:00, setting hearts to fluttering all over the world. But, alas, girls, he was just snatched up. You recently got married, eh, bro?

David: Yes, yes I did. It was incredible. Jamie took my breath away as she came down the aisle.

DJ: Jamie takes my breath away, too.

David: (laughing) Yeah, she's hot. But you know, looks aside, she's a wonderful person. She makes me laugh like nobody else.

DJ: I heard a rumor that you guys will be a family of three soon.

David: That's true.

DJ: You scared?

David: Only literally. This is just, it's such a huge step, but I'm ready for it. And you know, it's right. So... (you can tell that he's finalized that statement in a way that tells the DJ to move on to the next question)

DJ: I'd be terrified if I was about to be a dad.

David: Well, I'll get some practice on the show. Angel just became a father on the show. (he emphasizes 'on the show' both times)

DJ: That's right! Angel's a father. What's it like having a baby on the set.

David: We have to be quiet more. When they say 'Quiet on the set' now, cameras may not be rolling, but the kid is napping. (laughs) Actually, it's pretty neat. I love the little baby.

DJ: Darla killed herself, right? The baby's mother? Who's gonna step up and help Angel raise the baby? Buffy?

David: God, no. Buffy's pretty much out of the picture. They've played their storyline and that's just the past. I think between Cordelia and Fred he'll be mommied to death. But, Buffy's just the past.

DJ: Oh, come on. Buffy can never really be just the past, can she? I mean, that's Angel's soulmate.

David: I think Darla was probably his soulmate. I mean, they spent a hundred years together, then made a baby. You can't just--

DJ: Well, then Buffy was his first love.

David: Angel was Buffy's first love, but Angel loved Darla in a sick way.

DJ: I'm a Buffy/Angel fan. Sorry.

David: You're forgiven. No, I'm just saying that the two shows are on different networks and it's not gonna happen. There's no more story there for those two. Buffy isn't Angel's priority anymore. In season one and two of our show, she was always in the back of his mind, well, now it's all about the baby and Buffy is just, well, she's just a person he used to know.

DJ: Awww, come on! The story there was so incredible.

David: And like every good story, it came to an end. And then started over. On. Different. Networks. (again with the emphasis)

DJ: Is Angel going to hook up with Cordy?

David: Well, I'm all for it. I don't know what the writers have planned in that regard, but I'm a fan of Charisma's work and I'd love for our characters to be romantically involved. Cordy is really what Angel needs, I believe.

DJ: And she's hot, too.

David: Incredibly hot. Charisma's low matenaince if you can believe that. I've worked with a lot of female celebrities and I've got to tell you Charisma doesn't care if her hair's messy or her lipstick isn't dark enough. She gives a hundred percent of her ability and her looks aren't her priority all the time.

DJ: Is Darla coming back?

David: I don't know. Certainly people rarely stay dead in the Joss Whedon world, but you never know.

DJ: Buffy just came back to life, too.

David: (he audibly sighs) Yeah.

DJ: Did you get a chance to see the musical? Because I was thinking-

David: I don't watch television much. I don't even watch *my* show half the time, so no, I haven't been following Buffy.

DJ: As I was saying, Joss got a taste of singing with the Kareoke bar on your show and it carried over to Buffy.

David: Maybe.

DJ: Are you on vacation right now for the holidays. (DJ sounds at a loss at this time because David isn't being too forthcoming.)

David: Not really. We've been doing some overdubbing, but-

DJ: That's where you go back into the studio and say the lines again, yeah?

David: Yeah, sometimes it doesn't come out on film so the sound people will re-record just the lines.

DJ: We're gonna wrap things up. I'll ask you one last question. What do you want Santa to bring you?

David: I've got more than enough. I just want people to find some inner peace and to cope with the tragedies of the country.

DJ: Thank you for calling in, David. Congrats on your wedding and your baby and I hope that the show does well.

David: Thanks! (click)

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