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Spike gets funky! The Host loses the green stuff! Joss feels the love! All this and more at PBP 2001.

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March 5, 2001

The Buffy Posting Board Party is something of a legend-in-the-making in the ol' fan community. Peeps from the official board, The Bronze, gather, meet the staaaaaahrs and each other, and the whole shebang raises cash for Make-A-Wish.
I set off for my first PBP ready to play the part of outsider, for I am neither famous nor a certified Bronzer. I am, however, an Astute Journalist (shut up!), and so I was prepared to document the event to the best of my ability -- hey, going to parties where James Marsters may or may not be present is a tough gig, but someone's gotta do it, and that someone is me.

I arrive at Hollywood's American Legion Hall with a few fellow Astute Journalists from the Buffy magazine, and mingle for a bit in the "VIP Lounge." Whilst there, Ms. Amber Benson very kindly introduces me to Slayer scribe Doug Petrie. He notes my lack of "professional" equipment (hey, sometimes you've gotta go with the Funsaver, know what I'm sayin'?). I say that my method of covering the event is to "wander around and act like a dork" (my method for covering most events, actually). He nods as if to say, "Brilliant...I wonder why such a talented lass is not yet employed by our show!" (OK, actually I think he used this to make fun of me some more, but it did make him laugh.)

Shortly thereafter, I do just that, noting such sights as Angel exec producer David Greenwalt in a "Joss is a Hottie" baseball cap. There are also many fans snapping pics with such luminaries as Tony Head and Wolfram and Hart lawyers Stephanie "Lilah" Romanov and Christian "Lindsey" Kane. Tony, who is soon to release a CD, performs a set, unleashing his inner Frank N. Furter.

Meanwhile, I sidle up to Marti Noxon, who looks absolutely fabulous in a smashing red blouse, slinky black skirt and black boots. I proceed to dork out just a tiny bit, telling Marti how cool I think she is, and how much I dug our interview. I also mention that many of our male readers were inspired to write "Marti Noxon = Hottie!!" missives after we posted her picture. "Any good ones?" Marti asks (and that's in jest, fellas -- five seconds later, she points out her wedding ring).

Andy -- not green!
After Tony's set is over, an amazingly cute, charisma-drenched persona takes to the stage and belts the shizz out like so: "Voulez-vous couche avec moi...ce soir!" Whoa! It's none other than Andy "The Host" Hallett, sans green makeup. Why doesn't The Host sing more on Angel? Inquiring minds now want to know.

Anyway, I have to snap a few pics of Andy later on, and he tells me that he loves my jacket. That's right, kids...the most fashion-savvy character on Angel (sorry, Cordy lost that title when she started making like an '80s hair-metal chick) likes my jacket. Ha!

Much later, cast and crew finally gathers onstage for the presentation of the Make-A-Wish check -- a cool $12,000 -- and Joss addresses the crowd, spilling general "feel the love" good vibes and announcing that Marti is being promoted to exec producer next season.

Finally, headliner Four Star Mary takes to the stage and even plays a set with Mr. Marsters, who is in attendance and lookin' mighty fine. The highlight of the set, a blistering cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender," has Joss and the fans making like dancin' fools all over the place.

Joss speaks. Tony Head makes funny faces.
Back in VIP Land, my Astute Journalist Colleagues and I decide that it's time to get our pictures taken with as many Famous People as possible, so we run around like mad fools snapping groupie shots, giggling like maniacs, and forgoing any notion that we are or have ever been "cool."

Also, I think I overhear someone offer to lick Alexis Denisof's ear, but best not to dwell on that.

So ends my first PBP. Next time, I'll remember my heart-stickered TRL autograph book (I'm not even making that up -- it's mad-fresh, and just waiting for Carson's signature!).

Big thanks to the PBP organizers for making it all happen.

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