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Anthony Stewart Head interview on Big Breakfast

Thanks to Dave Barton for the transcript:

"I can’t help but notice that there seems to be a little confusion about the ASH interview on the Big Breakfast, here in the UK on channel 4, this morning particularly, with regards to his asking to have his time cut down, on the show. As I personally don’t think it came across that way, at all, and having the interview on tape, I have decided (with just a smidgen of encouragement from Monique,) to transcribe the interview, sothose of you who didn’t get a chance to see the interview, can draw your own conclusions.

O.K, firstly… there was not one interview, but two. The first was by far the shorter of the two, and was Giles answering questions that were either called, or e-mailed in my members of the audience, put to him by the male host of the show, one Johnny Vaughn. The interview was conducted in a shed, (They actually titled the segment, “Head in the Shed.”) and was the much shorter of the two. I’m afraid I didn’t have a tape in my VCR at this point, so this interview I am transcribing from memory… so there will be some things I have forgotten. I apologise for this.In case any of you were wondering, Anthony is wearing a black shirt, with a grey sports jacket and trousers. He is of course glasses bereft, and talking in his normal accent, which is much more working class, East London. Am I good to you all, or what?

The questions I can recall were:
Q: Do you believe in vampires, really? (asked by a member of thecrew)
A: Yes, don’t you? (with the crew member responding that yes, hedid)
Q: Has he found himself somewhat type-caste, working as anEnglish actor in America?
A: Not on Buffy, no… One of the great things about working with Joss, is as he has spent some time in the U.K, he knows how to write well for British characters. However there is a tendency for British characters and actors to either be the villain, or portrayed as just, very silly, in American television and movies, it’s true.
Q: Now that his Girlfriend is dead, is there a chance that he will have a relationship with Buffy?
A: He began replying to an aside from the interviewer that such a thing couldn’t be possible, as she was currently on a beach with Freddie. (The interview dryly commented that he was “breaking hearts across the Internet” saying such a thing.) He went on to say no it wasn’t going tohappen, as Giles was more of a father figure to Buffy. (His exact words,please don’t flame me for this) And that was the last question of the segment. I’m afraid that is pretty much all I can recall of that interview, I was still a little tired, so only the end stuck out in my memory. However, the second interview, I have on VCR and will transcribefor you, in full.

The second interview, was conducted on a bed, (yes, a bed)and the segment was titled “Head, on the Bed” This interview, the longer of the two was handled by the female host, Denise Van Outen. (Yes, she was lying less than a foot away from ASH on the bed. ) For my ease, D = Interviewer, A = ASH and anything between these** is an expression, or change of some sort.

D: Yes, we have Head on the bed, it’s Anthony Head. *applausefrom crew, laugh from Ash* I’m sorry, I have to clear my throat… it’s quite dusty,isn’t it?
A: Yes, it is dusty isn’t it? *He is fully reclined on the red sheeted bed, and plucking at the sheet with his hand. I mention this, because I’m evil.*
D: Are you having a good time, here at the Big Breakfast this morning?
A: I am… I’m staking my claim, is what I’m doing.. I’m having a fantastic time, grand. *all done in a slightly put on voice… hard to describe*
D: Great, marvellous… Now you’re about to return to L.A. to finish, the… is the fifth series?
A: It is, the fifth season that’s right.
D: So, before we have a proper chat, lets take a look at a clip of you in action, in Buffy.
A: Oh, in action… **they cut away to a clip, from one of the unaired in the U.Kseries 5 episodes. Quite a tense scene. It ends with Buffy telling Giles that Dracula saw something in her power… something dark. ** *when they come back, everyone is making an “ooooh” sound. *
D: Oooooooh… Very good. I have to ask you, what is she like, is she nice? (referring to SMG)
A: Yeah, she’s really sweet. She really, she really is. Very nice.
D: Let’s talk about your character then. Your character, Giles, was originally the librarian at the local high school, and Buffy’s watcher…
A: Yes, and I blew it up.
D: … Until he lost his watching job.
A: I lost my watching job, *and* I blew the library up.
D: You naughty boy! (Personal opinion time here, but she is clearly feeling Ash’s charm.)
A: *to camera* Librarians at home, do not try this.
D: *laughs* Did you fear you might be losing your job?… theymight be writing you out, did it cross your mind?
A: Yes, yes it did… The think with Joss is, you never know… helikes to turn things on there end, and sort of play with your mind, so…
D: *innuendo voice* He likes to play with you…
A: *Also in innuendo voice* He likes to play… *back to normal voice* but he does, you know… if it-it fitted the story line you might find yourself without a job.
D: Um, really? That’s quite scary…
A: Very scary.
D: So, can you see yourself staying for another five series?
A: *quite a long pause* I’m… I’m sort of working something out with them, now. I ‘d like to…
D: *interrupting* Are you doing a dodgy deal? *flirty look at ASH* (it was,I swear.)
A: Well… I’d just like to spend some more time, here.
D: Yes, cause you’ve got your family here, haven’t you?
A: I have, yes.
D: So, wait… how do you work it? You have an place in L.A…
A: Yes I have a… *hesitation* apartment, in L.A
*he laughs, as does crew… the host of the show, had been using apartment in L.A as a kind of running gag…*
D: *laughing too* as Johnny would say…
A: *still laughing* And I spent about eight months of the yearout there, while we’re filming, and then I get back here, and I spent as much time as I can with my family.
D: I bet Christmas has been nice then?
A: Ah, it’s been great, we’ve had three weeks, which has been fantastic.
D: You must really miss them, that must be so hard on you…
A: Desperately… and, and up to this season, I’ve been going backto see them, every four weeks or whatever, but for some reason this season has been really difficult… visa problems, and what ever. And I’ve just…missed them, greatly. So, were working something out.
D: So, am I right in saying there might be a little bit of a break, to come home?
A:… a little bit of to and froing… a bit more of to and froing Ishould say, then we’ve had so far.
D: Right… so, you did some singing in the last series…
A: Singing…
D: … are you hoping to follow in the footsteps of say… David Hasselhoff?
A: *laughs*
D: *quite put out* I missed that… *asking crew* Did any of you see… *wising up* What did you sing?
A: I actually sung two songs, I did… we recorded two songs, and they were trying to chose which one. I sung, at the local coffee bar.*pulls face, knowing what’s coming*
D: Very apt.
A: And I sung behind Blue Eyes, which is a Who song, and then, Isung a. Leonard *thinks for moment* …Skynard song, called Freebird…
D: Did you do it well, do you think?
A: *looks a little shocked* I did it all right.
D: … Or did you murder it?
A: *laughs* I have sung before you know… at one stage, it was achoice between being a rock star, or an actor…
D: Really?
A: And I chose, quite rightly, to become an actor.
D: Marvellous!
A: … or, to say an actor… and no… *in a very quiet voice* I don’t want to become David Hasselhoff
D: So if the opportunity came, right now…
A: No, no I won’t do it, I won’t!
D: What if someone offered you, mega bucks to sign a recording deal, would you do it?
A: *embarrassed look* Well, I am doing a little, little, CD thing… *crew and interviewer, Oooooooooh, much to ASH’s embarrassment*
A:… But it is a very quiet, little thing… a electronic album-
D: Will you wear tight, leather trousers..?
A: *really, really embarassed now* nnnnnnnnnnnno.
D: …and big hair?
A: Oh, but I have the hair, already.
D: and standing on a cliff, with a guitar with no lead…
A: Oh, take me there. *grinning* and in the desert, there alwaysin the desert, aren’t they?
D: Yes, they are… Bryan Adams style.
A: No what I’m doing, is this tiny thing on the side, and no one is going to know it’s out there… it’s just someone asked me to…
D: A pub gig, basically?
A: *laughing* Yes.
D: Right… now I have a load of questions here… Angel has proveda massive succsess, do you fancy your own spin off series?
A: What, “Giles” *fully cockney voice*
D: *laughs from crew.* Yes, Giles…
A: Giles, man of action!
D: Is it something that’s been talked about?
A: Wha, well.. Of course I’d do it if they asked me too…
D: Suggest it!
A: *mock enthusiasm* Yeah!
D: Do you want me to call them up, and suggest it?
A: Why not!
D: We could all bombard them with phone calls, saying we think it’s a really good idea.
A: We think it’s a good idea! *calming* But, like my daughter said, when you said you would show a clip of me in action, did you mean knocked out, because I’m always getting knocked out, on the show. *laughs* It could be 60 minutes of me *mimes unconsciousness*
D: So… has being in such a high profile show, finally laid the ghost of Nescafe (Taster’s Choice in America, I believe.) to rest?
A: No not really. I mean, for the first time in, well, years I was at the pictures, the other day, and someone yelled out Nescafe… The media, normally mention it, but not people. People go, “Buffy”… but you, know I was O.K with it… I brought a house, from it…so…
D: Lovely Jubbly. So, were you relieved, or dissapointed, when the ad’s ended? How many did you do?
A: Well, we did them here, and in the states… I pulled the plug here, cos I didn’t want them to go on for ever… in America, they werecancelled because we were selling everyone elses coffee as well. People knew us,and knew the ads, but didn’t know the brand.
D: It made you in America, didn’t it? Did it get you in Buffy?
A: Well… it opened doors. People knew who you were… but I still had toaudition.
D: So, films would you like to do those? Blockbuster movies…
A: Well, yeah… I mean, last hiatus, which is the only time one gets off to these things, and normally I want to come home, straight away,but last time, I was cast it this film that’ll be coming out soon, withMark Wahlberg, and Jennifer Anniston…
D: I like Mark Wahlberg…
A: Well yeah, and the girls were excited, about coming over and meeting Jennifer… but then they told me I had been written out. *bursts out laughing*
D: *sympahetic oooooooh from all* Really. oh that’s horrible…but ever so funny…
A: But they paid me! *thumbs up*
D: That’ll keep you in coffee, for the rest of your life… Thank you very much, the lovely Anthony Head! you’ve been great company, on thebed.
A: *grinning* Thank you.
End interview.

Hope this is of some enjoyment, to some of you.David."


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