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DVD Fan and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Creator Joss Whedon Answers Some Bloody Silly Questions

Let 'Em Eat Stake

Back before it was a cult/critic's darling, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was just a TV series with a ridiculous title based on the 1992 film flop. In fact, while producing the 12 episodes of the show's first season (Buffy premiered on The WB in Jaunary 1997 as a midseason replacement), creator Joss Whedon was confident there wouldn't be a second season.

"So confident," he says, "that I wrapped up the entire story at the end of season 1, so that if there was never another episode of Buffy, those 12 would tell a story that needed to be told." Yet, as she does so often, Buffy cheated death - and now that improbable second season is being released on DVD.

Recently, Whedon chatted with EW about Buffy season 2 and the specifics of vampire sex. - Jeff Jensen

Are you a DVD kind of guy?

I watch nothing but DVDs anymore. But I don't persue the extras, either because I don't have time or I don't want to know. Like, I don't want to know anything about The Matrix; I like to pretend it's all real. But once, I did listen to Trey Parker and his friends do commentary on Cannibal: The Musical. Because really, how could you not?

During season 2, Buffy [Sarah Michelle Gellar] loses her virginity to Angel [David Boreanaz], which causes him to become evil again, thanks to a Gypsy curse. Based on a real-life experience?

It's not based on my experience, but it's based on the experience of many people - which is, I slept with him, and he became mean. That episode represents exactly what the show is and what we try to do with it. We've never come as close and as true to the metaphor and the emotion of the pain of growing up as we did with that episode.

But what's the deal with the vampire physiology? Don't you have to be alive to, you know?

Well, you know, vampire's aren't real: I have that to fall back on. If vampires couldn't have erections, our show would have been 12 episodes long.

The second season gave us Spike [James Martsers], the sexy-sinister platinum-blond bloodsucker. Who came up with his look?

That would be me. There's a little Billy Idol, a little Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost boys, and every guy in a black coat. I really thought the peroxide would define his face better, though James does curse my name for the burning scalp.

I've heard that for Oz - the werewolf played by Seth Green [Austin Powers], who's introduced in season 2 - you drew more from your own life than any other character. Touched by the lycanthropy, are you?

No, I just knew a guy named Oz. Kinda short. Played lead guitar for a band. He had this incredible cool about him; he wore bowling shirts before anybody else did. I thought, "That's the guy that would fall in love with Willow."

Oz and Willow [Alyson Hannigan] were such a popular couple. If Seth hadn't left the show in season 4, would you have still pursued Willow's current lesbian storyline?

I probably would have broken them up at one point. It was something we had discussed - the idea of going to college, exploring or expanding your sexuality. But that's the thing about TV: Something unexpected happens, you roll with it.

Is there a season 2 example of this principle?

"Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered," in which Xander [Nicholas Brendon] becomes a Love God. We wrote that one in a matter of days because Sarah had to host Saturday Night Live. We had this other episode ready - the death of Jenny Calendar [Professor Giles' Gypsy love interest, played by Robia LaMorte] - but we were like, "We have to think of something that will turn Sarah into a rat for four days because she'll be gone."

Jenny Calendar was superhot.

Oh, yeah.

Why did she have to die?

Because somebody had to die. We had to prove that Angel really was the badass we were saying he was. So we had to take away someone we loved - and we loooved her.

But...but she was superhot. Can't you bring her back to life?

[Sighs] Don't I wish.

Transcibed for by Gary
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