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Alyson Hannigan Interview

Teen People

You said, "One time in band camp..." so many times in American pie. What overused expressions really make you cringe?
I used to hate the world "rad," and now I constantly use it. Also "dude" is infiltrating my vocabulary.

What has playing a bookworm (Willow) on Buffy, and a band geek in the American Pie films taught you about people?
That nerds are by far the more interesting humans later in life. You need to suffer to be interesting. I think I've met one person that's actually enjoyed high school. I just felt the need to get out. Alive, preferably. In elementary school, people made fun of me because my skin was so white and I had black hair and wore black clothes. I was Depressed Chick - very attractive.

About Buffy: Is Willow and Tara's (Amber Benson) love affair over?
I don't know what's going to happen. Willow had a little darkness, and now she is sober and that is what Tara wanted. But nothing ever really works out in Sunnydale. I mean, even my mother tried to burn me at the stake.

Is it difficult playing a lesbian?
I don't really treat Tara any differently than I treated Oz [her werewolf boyfriend played by Seth Green]. OK, she has bumbs on top and she's softer to kiss, but it's not like 'Ooh, ah, same sex, oh dear, I've got to really work into this!' It's not something I ever experienced, but then I've never had to experience bringing back my friends from the dead either.

Do you get free drinks at gay bars?
I should try to work the mojo on that, but I'm not a big drinker. If they had gay candy stores, I'd be stoked.

What magic potion could really benefit Alyson Hannigan?
Probably a patience potion...

Have you tried any potions of the illegal variety?
I'm not a big partier. I love when my emotions are real; not a pill that I popped to make me feel something. I can't stand when people use drugs as an escape. It's like, everybody suffers. Deal with your issues, you'll feel so much better.

What's your most irrational fear?
Dying and having no one to find me for two weeks. And when they did, my dogs, Daisy, Alex and Zippy, were eating my tongue. Apparantly that's what dogs go for first.

Uh, thanks for sharing. Last year when Buffy died, her headstone read: "She saved the world a lot." What would you like written on yours?
"She's not here right now, come back later"? I'd hope they'd spell my first name right - one 'l' and a 'y' - and say that I was happy.

As a pet lover, do you believe in animal testing?
I would much rather have it tested on criminals waiting for their execution. These people aren't scared of death, so maybe if they knew they were going to be tested and their testicles are going to fall off, they'd be alittle more cautious before they slaughtered somebody.

Whoa! Speaking of laws, as a girl who reportedly lost her virginty at 17, what do you think the age of consent for sexual relations should be?
Sixteen. You can drive a car. You know what's going on.

You've dated a musician [Marilyn Manson drummer Ginger Fish] and an actor (Buffy and Angel's Alexis Denisof). Who makes the better boyfriend?
Oh, God, I wouldn't recommend either. I had the "I will not date actors" philosophy and so did Alexis at the time. So it was one of those flirtatious friendships. Then I started dating somebody else, and Alexis didn't like that. When that wasn't working out, it's like, "Oh, we're still friends, and we're going to date now." It's been two years [with Alexis].

Complete this setence: Even the best boyfriend will never understand...
PMS. And how wonderful it is when they go buy tampons for you. That's the sign of a true man.

In relationships, are you the cat or the mouse?
I've been both. But I would say the cat.

The dumper or the dumpee?
I've been both. But, the dumper.

So, Dumping Cat, in those rare instances where it happens, how do you mend a broken heart?
It's very difficult. Good friends always help. They'll tell you what a scuzz the guy was.

You've been photographed in lingerie in a men's magazine. Are you comfortable with that?
It's always better when you're alone, so you don't have to be standing next to somebody with huge boobs and a perfect tan. And it's a lot easier to feel more confident when you know that they're going to airbrush away the zits.

Last question: Have you ever danced in your underwear to the music of Britney Spears?
I can't say that I have to Britney Spears - I don't listen to the radio stations that play her - but I do dance in my underwear to Travis and Coldplay when I'm cleaning my room. Anything to get you away from cleaning your room.


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