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Joss Speaks at The Bronze
In no way Joss, no matter what I say says:
(Sun Feb 24 05:00:54 2002) [Edit/Delete]
I just want to say, anyone who's sitting around at a computer posting
messages on a saturday night when there's all kinds of cool action
happening in the world must be some horrific kind of loser. Like a

Wait a minute....

Okay, this is just embarrassing.
On other fronts, The end of the season is shaping up spectacularly.
Just read a Marti script that freaked me, much with the tears and
excitment, that woman rocks and also with the rolling. Start shooting
Firefly in a week, that's pretty exciting too. So busy. But still a
freak/loser, so you'll all recognize me despite my incredibly manly
beard. Heigh ho.

seriously not joss says:
(Sun Feb 24 05:17:38 2002) [Edit/Delete]
steph, you're way too sweet. The interview was fun, you made me feel
all important. LET'S MAKE LOVE!
Uh, okay, wait... that may have been a bit much. With hindsight.
I really do want to apaologize to all the folk I didn't get hang with
or sign for -- I guess I'm out of shape, not with the stamina. But I
appreciate each and every one of you, and when I see you again next
year, LET'S MAKE LOVE! NO! Wait. There's something... I think it's my
computer. I don't mean... geez.

really, anybody could claim to be joss says:
(Sun Feb 24 05:35:05 2002) [Edit/Delete]
Gotta go. Pressing business. As far as Firefly goes, it starts
filming a week from tuesday. I'm mind-bogglingly excited about it.
But don't think for a SECOND it's gonna lessen my involvement in th'
Buf. I've got next year so WIRED! Angel, too. Couldn't be more
psyched. I'll stop by when I can to give you all insights on any of
the shows I can. (though I reveal nothing...) Of course, you just
have to go to Ain't It Cool to see that Firefly is clearly a rip off
of Andromeda, Farscape, Babylon Five, Dr Who, Quartermass, Imitation
of Life (the one with Sandra Dee and Susan Kohner, not the black-and-
White one) the Time-to-make-the-donuts ad campaign and of course,
Star Trek (the board game, not the show.) But maybe I'll tell you
more soon anyway. Oh, and a little shout to Kiba and britgirl -- if
anyone sees them, tell them I said LET'S MAKE -- um, say hi.

(what is up with this computer?)

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