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Heavenly Day - Instyle Magazine - January 2002
But then, what would you expect from a man whose TV character is name is Angel. Despite the rain when David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman wed, the two did indeed feel blessed.

Angel star David Boreanaz met his celestial match when he was introduced to Jamie Bergman of the cable comedy 'Son Of Beach' at a party last year. Jaime 'knew he was husband material' from the start because he spoke so tenderly about his family when he took her to dinner on their first date.Under a star filled desert sky in July while they were on an evening hike, Boreanaz suprised Bergman with a 1920's art deco diamond and platinum ring he had purchased at Frances Klein Estate Jewels of Bevery Hills.

The Setting: On November 24, 2001 in front of 45 close friends and relatives, the two tied the know at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, famous as the honeymoon getaway of Clark Gable and Carol Lombard and a favourite haunt of Frank Sinatra. According to David, they picked the place because it was Old Hollywood. When Jaime walked down the aisle, he thought she looked like a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

The Reception: A thunderstorm caused a power outage, but the inn's staff managed to cook the filet mignon and fillet of sole with the help of a tiny power generator and candlelight.

The Attire: Jaime wore a custom-made deep V-neck gown of white satin. Her bow-tie necklace was by Rachel Abroms Designs of Los Angeles. David's 1940's-style cashmere suit was custom-designed by Jaime Castaneda of North Hollywood, Calif. - Samantha Dunn

Heavenly Sweet
The Bride carried a bouquet of Black Magic and Queen's Day roses and salvia (top); The ceremony was held in the courtyard of Innleside Inn, built 1925 (right); The vanilla wedding cakes with buttercream frosting in a basket weave design (above) were by Jensen's Bakery in Palm springs.  
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