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Ep# Episode Title Synopsis Air Date
1.1 City Of... Debut: In this "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spin-off, the adventures of Angel ---the vampire with a soul---continue in Los Angeles. First up: he meets Doyle, a half-demon Irishman sent to guide Angel to those in need. One of his first assignments involves another new resident: Cordelia, who is being stalked by a vampire. 5 Oct 99
1.2 Lonely Hearts Angel uncovers a parasitic demon that seductively preys on the lonely, burrowing into their bodies in search of the perfect host. In the process, the hosts are killed. So, as the body count rises, Angel must find a way to stop the creature. 12 Oct 99
1.3 In The Dark Angel reunites with an old friend, Oz, and faces an old foe, Spike. The blond vampire has followed Oz to L.A. to retrieve the mystical oeGem of Amara," which renders its wearer invulnerable to all harm, including sunlight and stakes 19 Oct 99
1.4 I Fall To Pieces Angel helps a woman being stalked by a crazed doctor who has learned to mentally manipulate every part of his body. His powers allow him to detach his eyes and limbs, so he can spy on her and touch her at will. 26 Oct 99
1.5 Room With A View Cordelia is in desperate need of a new place to live, and Doyle obliges by helping her find a great apartment. But unbeknownst to Cordy, it already has a tenant: a powerful ghost who is none too pleased to have a new roommate. 2 Nov 99
1.6 Sense and Sensitivity After reportedly using excessive force to bust a crime lord with Angel's help, Kate and the rest of the precinct are required to take sensitivity classes. Instead of helping them, the classes render them helpless, as their emotions strangely gush out of control, leaving the precinct without a police force and Angel as the lone defender. 9 Nov 99
1.7 The Bachelor Party Doyle's estranged wife comes to town to divorce him so she can marry another man 16 Nov 99
1.8 I Will Remember You Buffy comes to L.A. and confronts Angel about his unannounced stalking, but a bloody battle with a medieval demon leaves Angel with awesome new powers and Buffy with a chance for true happiness with her beloved. 23 Nov 99
1.9 Hero A militaristic group of demons is on a mission to slaughter all half-breeds, and a family of refugees comes to Angel for help. To save them, he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. 30 Nov 99
1.10 Parting Gifts Angel, still reeling from Doyle's death, must help an empathy demon who claims to be stalked by an evil force. Meanwhile, Cordelia discovers that Doyle left something unpleasant behind for her 14 Dec 99
1.11 Somnambulist Angel is having horrific dreams in which he is again an evil vampire who is slaying innocent people. He awakes every time to discover that the murders he dreamed of have occurred, but he can't remember whether he committed them or not. 18 Jan 00
1.12 Expecting Cordelia may have found something special in Wilson (Ken Marino), an attractive wealthy man. But after spending one night with him, she wakes up eight months pregnant and soon discovers that she and others are carrying his demon spawn. 25 Jan 00
1.13 She Angel encounters Jhiera (Bai Ling), a woman who has come to Earth to escape persecution on her native planet. She plans to bring other women to Earth as well, but soldiers from her world have followed her to L.A. Meanwhile, Wesley becomes an official employee of Angel Investigations. 8 Feb 00
1.14 I've Got You Under My Skin Angel and Wesley find themselves acting as exorcists after they encounter a little boy (Jesse James) who is possessed by a powerful Ethros demon. But to get the demon out, they must force it into another body, which could result in the death of the new host. 15 Feb 00
1.15 The Prodigal Angel uncovers a demonic criminal plot that involves Kate's ex-cop father. But she is unwilling to accept that her dad could be mixed up in something less than legal, and clashes with Angel over how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, the case causes Angel to reflect on his past and his relationship with his own father. 22 Feb 00
1.16 The Ring In pursuit of a missing man, Angel becomes enslaved by a seedy underground gladiator-like boxing ring. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Wesley discover what Angel is up against and try to make their way into the secret operation in order to save him. 29 Feb 00
1.17 Eternity When a television star turns to Angel for protection from stalkers, Angel finds his protective instincts for his client are aroused by more than just business. But her motives for hiring him may not be as simple as they appear. Cordelia, meanwhile, tries to use Angel's new Hollywood connection to advance her acting career. 4 Apr 00
1.18 Five by Five Angel's life is on the line when the attorneys at Wolfram & Hart hire Los Angeles visitor Faith to put him out of business - permanently. In the meantime, Wesley, who still feels responsibility to Faith from being her former Watcher, declares he will stop her from bringing harm until he, and Angel, determine she needs more than a just swift kick to snap out of her evil ways. 25 Apr 00
1.19 Sanctuary Buffy comes to Los Angeles seeking vengeance under the guise of protecting Angel from Faith's violent nature, but Buffy is shocked and hurt to discover her former love siding with her nemesis.< Meanwhile, Wesley is faced with a crisis of loyalties when the Watcher's Council offers a chance at reinstatement if he gives up Faith 2 May 00
1.20 War Zone Angel encounters a group of street kids, led by a man named Gunn (J. August Richards), who are waging a war against vampires in the abandoned sections of the city. He tries to gain their trust, but the gang is wary about trusting a vampire, even one with a soul. 9 May 00
1.21 Blind Date Angel encounters a strange being in the employ of Wolfram & Hart, a blind woman who can anticipate attacks and move with incredible speed. Her condition protects her from becoming a suspect in the crimes she commits. 16 May 00
1.22 To Shanshu in LA Angel faces a wild demon who is summoned by Wolfram & Hart to wreak havoc and raise a powerful force to strike down Angel and destroy those close to him. 23 May 00
Ep# Episode Title Synopsis Air Date
2.1 Judgement I WILL SURVIVE The well-oiled, demon-fighting machine of Angel, Cordelia and Wesley is back in full force and joined by the streetwise vampire hunter Charles Gunn. After a case of mistaken identity leads Angel to slay a demon protecting an innocent girl, karaoke is the only way to make things right. Meanwhile, Angel struggles with the discovery that he may not always be eternal and Darla recovers from her resurrection from Hell. Michael Lange directed the episode, with story by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt and teleplay by David Greenwalt. 26 Sep 00
2.2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Angel directs Cordelia and Wesley to investigate a mysteriously abandoned hotel in Hollywood and as they piece together the building's dark history, they discover that his interest is that of a personal nature. In a flashback to 1952, Angel is not the atoning vampire of present day, but a recluse who is detached from the tortured humans around him, until one fateful day. 3 Oct 00
2.3 First Impressions When Cordelia has a particularly disturbing vision of Gunn is in grave danger, she elects herself as his new protector. When she discovers that he may be his own worst enemy, she has to face the fact that she can't save him without the help of Angel and Wesley. 10 Oct 00
2.4 Untouched Angel aids a young woman who cannot rein in her telekinetic powers; Angel unknowingly receives nocturnal visits from his sire, Darla. 17 Oct 00
2.5 Dear Boy While Angel dreams about his first encounter with Drusilla (guest star Juliet Landau) in 1860 London, he has a brush with Darla in his waking life. 24 Oct 00
2.6 Guise will be Guise Since Angel's out of town, Wesley poses as the benevolent vamp when a powerful businessman demands Angel's services to protect his daughter. Meanwhile, Angel gets in touch with his inner selves during a visit to a swami, but not everything's Zen. 7 Nov 00
2.7 Darla Angel is desperate to rescue Darla from the clutches of Wolfram & Hart and flashbacks reveal what a dangerous and powerful relationship they shared as history weirdly seems to be repeating itself. The trip down memory lane begins with Darla's sire by the Master and ends with the gang of Spike, Drusilla, Darla and Angel being torn apart when he gets a soul. 14 Nov 00
2.8 The Shoud of Rahmon Angel poses as a flamboyant vampire hoodlum while trying to prevent a mind-altering shroud from falling into the wrong hands. 21 Nov 00
2.9 The Trial After Darla discovers she is terminally ill, Angel enters into a series of mysterious trials in an attempt to save her life. The downside: He could get both of them killed in the process. 28 Nov 00
2.10 Reunion Angel frantically searches for an undead Darla before she rises again and joins gal pal Drusilla in a bloody bacchanalia; Angel's crew worries about him. 19 Dec 00
2.11 Redefinition After firing his staff and cutting himself off from all help, Angel begins intense physical and mental training to become strong enough to stop Darla and Drusilla before they destroy the City of Angels. Meanwhile, Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn try to continue the fight for the innocent on their own now that Angel's gone commando. 16 Jan 01
2.12 Blood Money Angel digs up dirt on Wolfram & Hart's connection to a shelter for runaways and the woman (guest star Julia Lee) who manages it. Meanwhile, an old enemy goes to the law firm for help in settling his grudge against the detective; and Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn resolve to continue fighting evil, sans vampire. 23 Jan 01
2.13 Happy Anniversary Angel and the Host search for a physicist they fear will cause the end of the world - and who unknowingly has help from two apocalypse-lovin' Lubber demons. Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn settle into their new digs, where Virginia brings them their first official case. 6 Feb 01
2.14 The Thin Dead Line Angel investigates rumors of renegade cops out for blood, while Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn carry out their own fact-finding mission that results Wesley being seriously wounded by a police gunshot. 13 Feb 01
2.15 Reprise (pt 1) Angel learns of the impending visit of Wolfram & Hart's "senior partner," an evil and merciless demon from hell, and he plans a kamikaze mission to destroy the powerful beast that will sacrifice his own life in the process. 20 Feb 01
2.16 Epiphany (pt 2) Angel has an epiphany after sharing a night of passion with Darla, but when he tries to return to his crew, they refuse to welcome him back with open arms. 27 Feb 01
2.17 Disharmony Harmony visits LA. 17 Apr 01
2.18 Dead End INVASION OF PRIVACY: The Powers that Be aren't letting Angel Investigations rest, as Cordy begins suffering from continously bad and painful visions. The trauma afflicting Cordy puts one of the gang in intense worry-mode. Meanwhile, Lindsay gets a new hand that seems to have a mind of its own. 24 Apr 01
2.19 Belonging Angel and his crew must find a way to kill a bloodthirsty demon who has arrived in town from another dimension through a mysterious, magical portal in the karaoke bar. With the help of Cordelia's visions, they are able to locate someone who can help destroy the snarly beast; however, when it's time to return their source to his home dimension, Cordelia discovers a whole new world. 1 May 01
2.20 Over The Rainbow The gang follow Cordy to Pylea with a hope of rescuing her. 8 May 01
2.21 Through the Looking Glass Angel and friends work overtime to survive in a foreign dimension. Cordelia discovers her dirty duty as Princess of Pylea is to mate with a creature called the Groosalugg. She's unable to escape the palace with Wesley and Gunn, and the priests keeping watch over her also prove to be less than trustworthy. Meanwhile, Angel gets himself into trouble with the Host's family when he refuses to kill a human woman who went missing from L.A. years before. 15 May 01
2.22 There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb The sophomore-season finale has things popping in Pylea as Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn and the Host find getting out of the foreign dimension to be increasingly complicated. Figurehead princess Cordy is trapped in the palace by the ill-intentioned priest Silas, who is also responsible for the Host's recent beheading. Luckily, Lorne's bizarre physiology allows his ever talkative head to survive, provided his body isn't mutilated. While Cordy helps the disembodied noggin complete himself, a lost-in-the-woods Angel bonds with fellow refugee Fred; and Gunn and Wesley get caught up with a band of rebels. 22 May 01
Ep# Episode Title Synopsis Air Date
3.1 Heartthrob Angel stakes a female vampire he recognizes from his past.
24 Sept 02
3.2 That Vision Thing Cordy gets killer visions from Wolfram and Hart. 01 Oct 02
3.3 That Old Gang of Mine Gunn's old fighting crew turn vigilante. 08 Oct 02
3.4 Carpe Noctem An old man casts a body-switching spell on Angel. 15 Oct 02
3.5 Fredless Fred's parents unexpectedly arrive in Los Angeles. 22 Oct 02
3.6 Billy Billy brings primal rage to the surface of men. 29 Oct 02
3.7 Offspring Angel learns Darla may be holding his unborn child. 5 Nov 02
3.8 Quickening Angel must do everything in his power to protect Darla and their unborn child. 12 Nov 02
3.9 Lullaby Darla violently begins childbirth. 19 Nov 02
3.10 Dad The gang are trapped by several groups of enemies bent on kidnapping Connor. Holtz goes about recruiting new help for his quest to destroy Angel.
10 Dec 02
3.11 Birthday A powerful vision knocks Cordy out of her body. She is offered an alternative life of fame but chooses to stay and become part demon. 14 Jan 02
3.12 Provider Angel focuses on earning money to look after Connor. 21 Jan 02
3.13 Waiting In The Wings Angel and Cordelia are possessed by the spirits of tormented lovers embroiled in a torrid affair. 4 Feb 02
3.14 Couplet Cordy asks Angel to help her achieve the next level of intimacy with Groosalugg. 18 Feb 02
3.15 Loyalty [1] Wesley preoccupies himself with protecting Connor and foiling the prophecy about Angel and his son. 25 Feb 02
3.16 Sleep Tight [2] Angel gets a taste for blood. Wesley gives Connor to Holtz who then disappears with the baby. 4 Mar 02
3.17 Forgiving Angel is a man out for revenge to get back at Wesley for kidnapping Connor. 15 Apr 02
3.18 Double or Nothing Gunn pays for a deal he made. Cordelia returns. 22 Apr 02
3.19 The Price The hotel becomes infected with deadly slug-like creatures who invade Fred's body. 29 Apr 02
3.20 A New World Connor returns to his father's world - as a teenager. 6 May 02
3.21 Benediction Holtz continues his revenge by setting up Angel. Connor thinks Angel killed Holtz. 13 May 02
3.22 Tomorrow Connor comes seeks revenge against Angel for murder. Cordelia and Angel face their feelings for each other. 20 May 02
Ep# Episode Title Synopsis Air Date
4.1 Deep Down With Angel trapped on the ocean floor and Cordelia stuck on a mystical plane, Fred and Gunn are frustrated at the lack of clues regarding their friends' whereabouts, especially after the only eyewitness to Angel's disappearance is murdered. After Angel is rescued by the most unlikely person, the shocking reasons behind the mysterious disappearances become clear. 6th Oct 02
4.2 Ground State When Wesley advises Angel to visit Dinza, a dark "goddess of the lost" who has valuable information on how to find Cordelia, he learns that a certain mystical antiquity can locate souls across dimensions. Angel, Fred and Gunn break into an auction house to retrieve the object only to discover that an electrifying cat burglar has the same intentions. 13th Oct 02
4.3 The House Always Wins Tired of dealing with Connor and looking for Cordelia, Angel decides to take Gunn and Fred on a road trip to Vegas to visit Lorne who is performing in a showcase at one of the casinos. They discover that Lorne is being coerced by the casino owner into stealing the "significant destinies" of audience members to sell on the black market. When the casino owner learns that Angel is destined to play a major role in the apocalypse, Cordelia must come to his aid from a distance to prevent his future from being stolen. 20th Oct 02
4.4 Slouching Toward Bethlehem Cordelia returns, but since she has no memory of who she is or that Angel is a vampire, everyone tries to keep their demon-hunting business a secret. After rescuing Cordelia from a demon, Connor takes on the role of her protector and Lorne reads Cordelia's future to help restore her memory but sees an approaching apocalypse involving Angel. 27th Oct 02
4.5 Supersymmetry After Fred’s physics article is published; she’s invited to speak at a symposium where a portal opens, bringing her face to face with a demon and a dark secret about her old professor. Meanwhile, Angel tries to solve the mystery of the portal and why someone would want Fred out of the way. 3rd Nov 02
4.6 Spin The Bottle When Lorne performs a spell on Cordelia to restore her memory, it inadvertently causes the gang to revert back to their high school personas and leaves them with no memories of each other. Eventually, they discover that the only way to reverse the spell is to kill a vampire, just as Angel realizes that he is one. 10th Nov 02
4.7 Rain of Fire When Cordelia's apocalyptic nightmares become a reality, Angel, Wesley, Gunn and Lorne find themselves powerless against The Beast who has risen from the center of the Earth, bringing earthquakes and fire storms to Los Angeles. Bloodied and beaten, Angel and his friends realize that they may not be able to stop the impending doom. 17th Nov 02
4.8 Habeas Corpses The Beast continues to wreak havoc over Los Angeles, he breaks into Wolfram & Hart and destroys the conduit between Lilah and the Senior Partners. Meanwhile, Cordelia tries to convince Angel that sex with Connor was a one time deal and it is revealed that The Beast is somehow linked with Angel Investigations. 15th Jan 03
4.9 Long Day's Journey The Beast is searching for 5 mystical Totems, he slaughters 4 of them and needs one more. The last Totem is a man named Manny, he is friends with Gwen Raiden and seeks help from her and Angel Investigations. He hides out in Gwen's appartment but meets a nasty fate when The Beast discovers him, this causes the sun to disappear from Los Angeles. After trying to learn more about The Beast's connection, the gang accuse Connor after seeing him with The Beast on numerous occasions. It is only when Cordelia has a vision, that she discovers who the culprit really is. 22nd Jan 03
4.10 Awakening Cordelia reveals that The Beast and Angelus used to be a team. She had a vision which let her relive the past of Angel's alter-ego. Wesley returns after being missing in action, he brings a Shaman with him named Wo-Pang. The Shaman has the ability to extract a soul. After much discussion, the gang decide that the only way to find information on The Beast is to ask his 'partner in crime'. Wo-Pang sedates Angel and inserts a simulation into his mind where everyone is happy and The Beast is dead, Angel and Cordelia make love and Angel wakes up, minus one soul. 29th Jan 03


Soulless The gang at Angel Investigations faces a familiar foe even more formidable than the Beast — Angelus. Angel's exquisitely evil alter ego is back after the vampire's soul is extracted by a shaman in an attempt to determine Angel's connection to the demon wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. But the sullen supervamp has little love for the derring-do-gooders and soon starts spilling their secrets, aiming to turn the friends against each other. Wes, Fred, Gunn and Connor all get their shot at face time with the caged Angelus, but it's Cordy who holds the key to get him talking. 5th Feb 03
4.12 Calvary When the gang receives the disturbing news that The Beast is working for a much more powerful entity, they realize they must restore Angel's soul to revert the evil Angelus back to Angel. 12th Feb 03
4.13 Salvage When Angelus meets up with The Beast, he learns that the rain of fire, blacking out the sun and stealing Angel's soul was all part of The Beast's mysterious master plan to bring Angelus back. Meanwhile, Wesley releases vampire slayer Faith from prison to help capture Angelus. 5th Mar 03
4.14 Release Angelus continues his search for The Beast's mysterious master, never suspecting that it could be someone close to him. Meanwhile, Faith and Angelus do battle while Cordelia convinces Connor to keep their baby a secret. 12th Mar 03
4.15 Orpheus Angel's soul is restored. Faith leaves Los Angeles, so that she can help Buffy and the Potential Slayers fight 'The First Evil' in Sunnydale. 19th Mar 03
4.16 Players

Angel and the gang set out to find out as much as they can about Cordelia's pregnancy and the identity of The Beast's master while Gwen Raiden enlists Gunn's help to crash a black-tie affair and rescue a kidnapped girl.

26th Mar 03
4.17 Inside Out Skip finally provides our hero with the shocking answers to questions surrounding Connor's birth, Cordelia's ascension to the higher plane and his own transformation from Angel to Angelus. 2nd April 03
4.18 Shiny Happy People The Woman A.K.A. Jasmine, who was born to Cordelia, has the amazing ability to turn everyone she meets, including Angel and the gang, into loyal disciples dedicated to carrying out her every command. Only Fred is able to see that Jasmine's radiant beauty hides a sinister and powerful secret the others refuse to believe. 9th April 03
4.19 The Magic Bullet With Angel and the others under Jasmine's extraordinarily divine power, Fred's life is in danger and she goes on the run. After discovering the secret to breaking Jasmine's spell over the nation's citizens, Fred must find a way to save the others before she's captured and killed. 16th April 03
4.20 Sacrifice Angel and the gang are now reunited, but they must hide out in the sewers to escape from Jasmine and her followers. While walking around, they encounter a large group of teenagers. Wesley finds a creature dwelling further in the sewers, who gives him some helpful information. 23rd April 03
4.21 Peace Out Angel desperately goes in search of a high priest in order to prove that Connor was not just a vessel that brought Jasmine into the world. Meanwhile, Connor tries to find Cordelia, who has mysteriously disappeared. 30th April 03
4.22 Home Angel and the gang are made an offer they can't refuse when they are given the opportunity to take over Wolfram & Hart and obtain all of the firm's secret and powerful information. Meanwhile, Angel has a chance to change the future for his son Connor, who is physically and emotionally lost and wandering through the city. 7th May 03
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